The MG Kredits – MGK’s program is a simple way to reward MARGEM customers with points that can be converted into product rebates.

It’s easy and there are several ways to earn points. They are automatically added to your account that you can control and manage, maximizing benefits on the MARGEM website.

How to Win MG Kredits

There are several ways to win MG Kredits . See below and get the most out of it.

Registration – register on the site and win immediately 25 MGK’s.

Purchases – for every euro spent on the products website, you receive the equivalent in pointsMGK’s.

Product review – for each comment on any of the products you make, you receive 5 MGK’s.

As you can see, you have several possibilities to purchase MGK’s – MG Kredits , which will give you discounts on future purchases.

Management of MG Kredits

In your client account, you always have all the information about the MGK’s you have. The ones you used and how you won. It’s easy and simple, just access your account on the website MARGEM.

MG Kredits – conversion rule

Every ten (10) MGK’s are worth (1 €) in product discount. The MG Kredits , are non-refundable in cash.

Remission of MG Kredits

By accumulating the number of MGK’s you can redeem your corresponding amount on a purchase to get the discount due.

MG Kredits, minimum and maximum

In order to use your MGK’s , you must have accumulated a minimum of 100. Until you reach this minimum, you can not redeem them. But as it is easy to accumulate points, you will reach this value in a short time, start to accumulate today.

For each purchase, there is a maximum amount of MGK’s that you can deduct, which corresponds to 20% of the total value of your purchases. Points not spent accrue for a future purchase.

MG Kredits, expiration date

Your MGK’s have a long expiration date, they stay for a year. As you can see, they are valid for a long time so that you can accumulate points and use them at the time that is most convenient for you, as long as you remain registered as our client. If you choose to stop being our customer by canceling your account, yes, your MGK’s will go away naturally.

Offer Terms

MARGEM Lda, reserves the right to update, alter or cancel this incentive program by giving due notice to holders of MGK’s in order to ensure that all point holders can use and benefit from the advantages obtained.
These conditions, now defined, may be corrected, if duly indicated and communicated.

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