Payment options

There are various ways to pay for your orders on MARGEM’s  website.

MB WAY – By using the MB WAY App installed on your smartphone. Exclusive for Portuguese banks in Portugal.

ATM – You will receive your order details by e-mail to allow you to make the payment. You can make the payment on any ATM, or through home banking. This option is only valid for Portugal.

Bank Transfer – You can make your payment by bank transfer, by using the IBAN showed on the payment page. and in the e-mail you will receive with your order confirmation. Please identify your order number, so we can easily identify your payment.

PAYPAL – By using your PAYPAL account, or if you don´t have a PAYPAL account you can still use the platform to pay by using your credit or debit Card. You can do it in a secure and simple way, through your VISA/Mastercard/Visa Electron/Maestro, or American Express cards.